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Education Executive Job Description

If you are interested in a Education Executive position email your resume to:

Principal Objective:

To educate Beauty Advisors by providing them with the product knowledge and sales skills necessary to meet productivity goals and service standards. This will be accomplished through the following core competencies: Seminar, In-Store Development, and Account Coordinator, Business Manager and Counter Manager development.


  • Seminar Administration and Execution
    • Teaches Beauty Advisors of varying levels product knowledge and behaviors to enable them to consistently achieve and exceed Sales and Service Expectations and Make the Day.
    • Inspires and empowers Beauty Advisors to be more productive by modeling, teaching, and reinforcing brand-defining behaviors.
    • Adapts seminar to custom-fit needs of account and level of audience.
    • Resource for in-depth product knowledge and point of sale expertise to establish brand authority.
  • In-Store Development
    • Focus in-store time in key focus doors (determined seasonally).
    • Strategize with sales partners to develop, execute and follow up on focus-door action plans.
    • Communicate with sales partners to ensure consistent in-store message.
    • Utilize Talent + to coach and develop the team to increase productivity and results.
    • Share insights and knowledge gained to impact seminars and raise awareness for the brand at point-of-sale.
  • Development of Account Coordinators/Beauty Advisors/Counter Managers
    • In partnership with Account Executive, assess skills and developmental needs. Develop a comprehensive plan to orientate, develop and retain new managers.
    • Act as a role model, coaching Beauty Advisor behaviors that drive sales objectives and brand equity.
    • With Account Executives, plan Counter Manager meetings that reinforce and drive point-of-sale strategies.
    • Provide feedback to New York regarding Counter Manager leadership programs, products, needs and competitive activities.

Job Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of experience in sales or education.
  • Must have strong developmental and indirect management experiences which have been demonstrated by positive past sales performance
  • Solid coaching, leadership and communication skills are also a must.

Apply For This Job:

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