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I love to entertain in a very easy, effortless way. I want guests to feel as comfortable at my house as they would in their own home, and creating a fun, relaxed, and intimate environment is the key.

AMBIANCE: To create a warm and cozy vibe, we always have a fire going in the winter, and a long candlelit table by the pool in the summer.

FLOWERS: There is something so easy and modern about arrangements that are all one type of flower in one single color. My favorites are peonies, roses, cosmos, ranunculus and flowering quince branches. During the summer months, I love to fill the house with wild flowers that
I pick up at the local farmstand.

PLAYLIST: Brazilian music or reggae keeps the vibe lively and fun.
I also love to make mixes before a party that incorporate my current favorites. I did an engagement party last summer for a friend and my youngest son started to play the electric guitar. He was adorable and everybody enjoyed it. So cute and unexpected!

DRINKS: I always try to have lots of wonderful wine and drinks on hand for guests to try. I love Spanish reds and French roses. Homemade sangria is also fun to serve in the summer. I will fill mismatched pitchers
of sangria and place them around the table—totally relaxed and easy.

SNACKS: I like to fill silver or blue and white porcelain bowls with delicious potato chips, nuts, or cheese puffs for guests to snack on during cocktail hour. Guacamole and salsa are also easy summer snacks.

BEGINNINGS: To keep it simple, I usually don’t serve formal appetizers. However, if I host a more formal dinner, I’ll serve something easy and delicious like crab cakes or a cozy soup.

SERVING STYLE: I love serving dinner buffet style— it feels more fun
and laid back than a traditional sit down dinner.
STANDBY DISH: In the summer, paella is always a hit. In the colder months, I like to serve chicken curry with various toppings like peanuts, sliced bananas and cucumbers set out in bowls.

DESSERT: With so many great desserts readily available, you don’t have to cook to serve something really memorable. I rely on E.A.T. (on Madison Avenue) for the best chocolate cake and Graeter’s (in Ohio) for amazing mint chocolate chip, coconut, and peppermint ice cream.