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My weekends have always been about spending time with family. Growing up, a typical Saturday with my family involved rollerskating around the block, riding the carousel in Central Park, and wandering through the Met finishing with a soft pretzel from a cart. I also loved visiting my grandmother Estée. My sister and I would test out samples of the latest makeup colors, and try on her jewelry, hats and gloves. We had cozy dinners at Estée’s house ending with delicious chocolate covered marshmallows that she was known for serving.
I finally found the ones she adored, Hoffman’s Chocolates, in
Palm Beach.

Weekends are still all about family for me. The best ones are when my husband and my two boys ages 11 and 12 don’t have plans other than being together. I’m usually the first one up most mornings and while the rest of my family is sleeping in, I’ll take our dogs Disco
and Biscuit out to grab coffee and head for the park. When I’m back,
I love to cook breakfast with the boys. If we’re feeling lazy, we’ll skip cooking and indulge in some sugary cereals—a treat! Lucky Charms™ and Fruit Loops™ are our favorites. I even admit to having a few handfuls. Can’t resist.

Sports are always a big part of our weekend, whether it’s lacrosse and basketball in the park, or a trip to the batting cages at Chelsea Piers. We also love to spend time exploring museums. The boys are crazy about the American Museum of Natural History and the Intrepid, and it’s still fun to wander through the galleries at the Met and Museum of Modern Art.

If we head out for dinner, we’ll go to a cozy neighborhood French bistro for steak frites, or Bella Blu™ for delicious pizza, or Via Quadronno™ for fondue. Often though, Saturdays are all about takeout. Chinese, Mexican, Indian—Manhattan has so many
amazing restaurants, and even the best ones deliver. We’ll end
the day together watching a great movie, mixing it up between
great classics like Chariots of Fire and Lawrence of Arabia, with
completely inappropriate, but hysterically funny, movies, like
The Hangover and Bridesmaids.