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Reading has always been a big part of my life. I have always loved books, and as a mother I wanted to share my passion for reading with my children. I was lucky to have access to books at home and at school growing up, but for many children getting new, quality books isn’t easy. That is why I support First Book. They understand how crucial reading is in a child’s life. Over the past 20 years First Book has distributed over 100 million new books to children across the United States and Canada. By partnering with 50,000 schools and programs in low income communities, First Book has reached the children who are most in need. With 30 million children from low-income families and over 2/3rd of schools and programs not able to afford to buy books at retail prices, many communities are struggling to provide children with books. First Book has answered this need through innovations that offer books at greatly reduced rates, as well as providing millions of free books. From nursery rhymes to college prep books, the range of books allows them to deliver a rich supply of books from birth through high school. It is a goal that speaks to me personally and I hope you will join me in supporting First Book’s positive mission.