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Still not convinced? Try this:
The secret to long-lasting fragrance? Layering.
Build from the lightest to the most intense form of your fragrance:
  • On the back of one hand, apply lotion first,
    then a spritz of fragrance
  • On the other hand, apply a spritz of fragrance
    only. You'll sense the difference immediately!
1. Bathe or shower in your favorite shower creme
    or gel for a hint of fragrance.
2. Smooth on body creme or lotion
    while skin is still damp
3. Finish with eau de parfum or parfum,
    especially on pulse points.
4. Carry a purse-size eau de parfum or solid
     perfume with you to refresh scent any time.
Want to use your favorite body creme,
but still layer on your signature scent?
In the palm of your hand, spritz your fragrance
onto the creme and then apply as usual.
Mist fragrance onto your wrists from about 10” away and
allow to dry naturally. Don’t rub wrists together because
this breaks down the formula and changes the scent.