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Choose the note or feeling you want,
then match it with a fragrance:
Find a fragrance as unique as you
with our Fragrance Guide—choose your
signature scent from over 30 favorites.
  • Jasmine revitalizesance
  • Ylang Ylang calms
  • Patchouli rejuvenates
Does it seem like every fragrance you try
is too strong? To get the truest impression
of every note spray on a tissue and tuck it
away for a few minutes. You will notice the
fragrance develops beyond the first spritz.
Build a “fragrance wardrobe” and wear
different scents to fit your mood,
fashion or a special occasion. You can
also change scents season to season.
Don’t let your fragrance announce your arrival before
you enter a room. Apply fragrance to your pulse
points so your scent will be detected only when
someone is approximately an arm’s length away.
Use perfumed bath and shower gel and
body lotion in the morning, then layer on
fragrance in the evening for added intensity.
Add a few drops of fragrance to your lingerie or other washables.
Tuck an empty bottle in a drawer to scent it for months.
Spray your bed linens with your favorite eau de parfum spray.