Life Re-Newing Molecules™

The secret strength behind every
Re-Nutriv SuperCreme.

Inspired by the field of epigenetics, the Life
Re-Newing Molecule™ are found in every Re-Nutriv
supercreme. They help repair, recharge and
your skin’s energized, radiant appearance.

Learn the Secrets

    • "Rock of Life" Algae

      It has thrived for over 3 billion
      years, and Estée Lauder
      Research has identified a
      state-of-the-art way to
      cultivate this algae and
      harness its astonishing repair
      and protective benefits.

    • EGT

      This amino acid, a
      supercharged anti-oxidant,
      is one of the building blocks
      of life. It recharges skin’s
      energy, helping skin build
      its natural reserves of
      vitality and protection.

    • Silketare

      Extracted from a sea plant
      that can only be harvested
      a few months a year, it
      helps skin restore its natural
      ability to produce energy
      and encourages optimal
      cell performance.