Elizabeth Hurley

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Elizabeth Hurley


Spring scent?

Pleasures and Sensuous
by Estée Lauder.

Spring makeup

Pink blush, mascara
and lip gloss.

Flight ritual

Traveling is so dehydrating
that I drink as much
water as I can and use
a lot of moisturizer.

Elizabeth’s career

Elizabeth Hurley lives in Gloucestershire, London with her six-year-old son Damian, and an assortment of animals. She earns her living by acting, modeling, farming and designing beachwear.

Elizabeth started her career as an actress and has made more than two dozen movies to date. Her personal favorites are “Austin Powers” with Mike Myers, “Bedazzled” with Brendan Fraser and “The Weight of Water” with Sean Penn.

Breast cancer awareness

Since signing with Estée Lauder, Elizabeth has lent her support to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded by Evelyn Lauder.

It’s a cause that strikes close to home. Her grandmother died of the disease in the 1970s, afraid to tell anyone she had a lump. Elizabeth has traveled the globe to spread breast cancer awareness. “Early detection saves lives...If a cancer is detected early, there’s a 98% chance that you’ll have a full recovery,” she says.

Representing estée lauder

Elizabeth has represented Estée Lauder as a spokesmodel since 1995, celebrating one of the world’s longest running beauty contracts. She has also toured the United States and other parts of the world raising funds and awareness for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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