3 Minute Beauty

E-Z Contouring

Contour, Shape, Sculpt in Seconds.

3 Minute Beauty: 
EZ Contouring

Prep lips with Lip Conditioner. Then, try the 4 techniques below.
First, contour and highlight, then add our special blush
technique and lip technique to complete the look.

3 Minute Beauty: EZ 

3D Contour

Dip Foundation Brush tip into a contour shade. Brush from midpoint of ear to midway under cheekbones. Brush more just above jaw, earlobe to chin. Blend all, stroking with fingertip. Brush and blend a touch on each side of face, at hairline.

3D Highlight

Flip brush onto flat side to pick up highlighter. Brush down
center of forehead, nose, Cupid’s bow and chin. Add more
on cheekbones. Fingertip-blend all.

3 Minute 
Beauty: EZ Contouring

3D Blush

Brush a blush in an ‘X’ over
apples of cheeks. Blend. Add 3-4
drops of Advanced Night Repair
to sponge. Dot over cheekbones
and blend.

3 Minute 
Beauty: EZ Contouring

3D Lips

Using nude shades, outline with
a lip pencil shade deeper than
lipstick. Then draw 3 vertical
lines down both lips. 1 in the
middle, 1 on each side. Press
lipstick on lightly until lines fade.

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