Inspiration: Beneath The Surface

Celebrating Girl
Bosses Everywhere

In honor of International Women’s Day,
we’re sharing wisdom from the women
of the Estée Lauder Companies.

At The Estée Lauder Companies, we like to think of our founder, Mrs. Estée Lauder, as the original girl boss. Strong, innovative and always ahead of her time, Estée broke all the norms. In an age when women primarily focused on duties inside the home, Estée broke out—founding a business, while still tending to her responsibilities as a wife and mother. Her success ultimately paved the path for female entrepreneurs and women in the workforce everywhere.

This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day by revealing the insights of today’s women of Estée Lauder. Some of our smartest stars are sharing everything from how they got started to the one woman who has made the greatest impact on their life.

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