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Meet self-care entrepreneur Julie Wald, founder of
wellness practice Namaste New York, and find out how social
work led her to self-care, why she loves yoga and
how she turns her morning tea into a calming ritual.

After turning to self-care for her own sanity while pursuing a career in social work, Julie Wald realized just how crucial it was to take care of herself in order to be able to properly take care of her patients. In fact, she was so passionate about this new outlet she’d found that she got certified as a teacher in meditation and yoga, became a reiki master and even learned Thai bodywork. "I realized that ultimately what I wanted to do was integrate my clinical background—my experience in mental health—with my passion for wellness," explained Wald. Fast forward 16 years (and many deep breaths later) and you'll find Namaste New York’s services—personalized in-home meditation, yoga, nutrition and massage therapy—being used by everyone from high-performing executives to celebrities to busy families alike.

In honor of International Women's Day, we asked the female entrepreneur why self-care is important and, not surprisingly, she had a lot to say: "If you're not continuously nourishing yourself, you can't nourish others. Figuring out how to take care of our minds and bodies is crucial for garnering the strength that's required to navigate the challenges we face (work/life balance, expectations, pressures, etc.) every day. Self-care allows you the foundation you need to be able to enjoy all your many roles—mother, partner, friend, boss—rather than just view them as chores. We need self-care in order to be present enough not only to be successful, but also so that we can enjoy all the things life has to offer."

Another reason Wald felt inspired to open Namaste New York was because she recognized there was a need in the wellness space for "a more holistic approach to self-care and wellbeing." This vision is what led her to create the four pillars of self-care: Stillness, Nourishment, Movement and Touch. "The four pillars are the ingredients that we've learned are the non-negotiables in terms of a really successful self-care plan that will make people feel healthier and happier," said Wald. Read on for a little more on each of the four pillars and how you can incorporate them into your own daily routine.

The four pillars are the ingredients that we’ve learned are the non-negotiables in terms of a really successful self-care plan that will make people feel healthier and happier.

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