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Skin Gym

Celeb facialist Shamara Bondaroff of SB Skin shows how to
give your face muscles a well-deserved boost using our
new Cryotherapy Wand.

When you try to book a facial at SB Skin, you’ll notice there’s only one thing on the menu. And that’s because its founder, and New York City’s most in-demand esthetician, Shamara Bondaroff, doesn’t believe in extras. When you find what works, you stick with it—and consistency pays off, she tells her clients. Her signature treatment is the Microcurrent Facial, what she describes as “Pilates for your face.” During the treatment, guests are treated to 50 minutes of stimulating microcurrent, which promises to lift, contour and tone the muscles of the face, resulting in smoother, glowier skin.

Not in New York (and also aren’t an NYC It-Girl)? Fortunately for the rest of us regular folk who put our face creams on one cheek at a time, we tapped Bondaroff to show us how to give your skin an invigorating workout, thanks to our new Cryotherapy Wand, which comes as a pair with the Resilience Lift Cooling/Lifting Eye GelCreme. While the creme goes to work on crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles, the Cryo Wand helps stimulate the muscles underneath, for better absorption of the creme, and a rested, more wide-awake look.

And the benefits don’t stop there—use the Cryo Wand with any of your favorite moisturizers or oils to massage your entire face. Watch above and let Bondaroff show you how. It’s almost like having Manhattan’s hottest facial every night of the week. Almost.

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