Beauty In Me celebrates the beauty, diversity and vibrancy of Latina women.
The culture, ideals and generational bonds.

Meet Our Estée Experts!

Michelle Gonzalez

Michelle Gonzalez is a first-generation Cuban American
who from an early age learned the power of both inner and
outer beauty from her mother, grandmothers, aunts, and
cousins. From sneaking into her grandmother’s vanity to her
first makeup consultation as a Quinceañera, beauty has
always been a huge part of her upbringing and one of
her favorite ways to celebrate her Latin culture.

Lyly Colon

Lyly was born in the Dominican Republic with
a passion for helping others. She grew up selling
beauty products from catalog magazines,
knocking on doors, creating sales by word of
mouth, and building a community of other women
around her. Lyly discovered that not only could
she help women feel beautiful, but also
empower them to build wealth.

Veronica Verdaguer

Estée Artist Veronica Verdaguer was born in South America,
and only recently moved to the US. Coming from a very
tight-knit family, Veronica learned her first beauty secrets
from her abuelita (grandmother), her mom, and her older
sister. While Veronica thinks we should each celebrate our
unique beauty features, she is a firm believer we should
see beyond skin color and ethnicity, and realize we are
all a big happy family.

Jennifer Parra

Jennifer was born and raised in Colombia.
Growing up with a beauty regimen was part of
her culture and a tradition that she incorporated
into her lifestyle during her early years.

Heidy Sanchez

As an Afro-Latina woman and beauty guru,
Heidy Sanchez developed her love for the
industry from her mother who believed in
homemade haircare and skincare treatments.
As a beauty field executive, Heidy strives
to help others embrace and celebrate
their unique beauty.

Leticia Marquez

Leticia Marquez is a second-generation Mexican American
woman, born in the United States to parents who
immigrated from Mexico and Spain. Leticia was introduced
to beauty at a very young age and was taught that taking
care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your
house. She watched her mother perform her beauty regimen
nightly and was inspired to develop a career in beauty.

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