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What is the best makeup for brows?

There are many types of eyebrow makeup, including eyebrow pencils, powders, pomades, gels and tints. The best one for your makeup routine depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and how well-versed you are in brow makeup techniques. Chat Live with an Estée Lauder expert for advice on which brow makeup product is best for your routine.

What is our best brow makeup for beginners?

If you’re new to applying makeup to your brows, opt for a multi-tasking product that can simplify your brow routine, like our BrowPerfect 3D All-in-One Styler. This 3-in-1 brow trio is a brow pencil, powder and gel that defines, fills and styles eyebrow hairs. The transfer-proof eyebrow filler wears for 24 fade-resistant hours and provide wear that’s smudge and waterproof and stays color true.

What is our best brow makeup for sparse brows?

Fill in sparse brows with an Estée Lauder eyebrow pencil. Our Brow Defining Pencil is a gel formula that can fill, shape and define brows instantly for a natural or fuller-looking appearance. Set your brow look in place with a clear brow gel like Stay-in-Place Brow Gel.

Help sparse brows appear thicker and fuller over time with a brow serum like Turbo Lash Night Revitalizing Lash + Brow Serum.

What is our best brow makeup for brows that look thin?

Fill in and shape thinning brows with an Estée Lauder eyebrow pencil like Brow Defining Pencil. Or, define, style and fill in sparse areas with the multi-tasking BrowPerfect 3D All-in-One Styler.

What is a brow serum?

Brow serums are products that contain powerful ingredients to help leave eyebrows feeling stronger, nourished, and conditioned and give them a fuller, thicker-looking appearance over time.

What is a good brow serum?

Try our Turbo Lash Night Revitalizing Lash + Brow Serum. This gentle eyelash and brow serum is made with a thickening complex that includes 16 amino acids, rice protein, panthenol and hyaluronic acid for visibly fuller, stronger, thicker brows.

How often should you use eyebrow serum?

We recommend using brow serum once a day for maximum benefits. Our Estée Lauder eyelash and brow serum can be used every night before bed after cleansing your skin.