Dull, tired-looking skin and loss of
radiance can be a result of lack of cell
turnover and dehydration.

Revitalize skin with a gentle cleanser and high-performance moisturizer. Or, add a product with a skin-brightening ingredient like Vitamin C to your daily routine.

Dull, Tired-Looking Skin

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Tell us your skin concerns, answer
a few questions, and we’ll help you
find an expert routine. Advanced,
high-performance formulas targeted
to your skin’s needs.

Dull skin is skin that appears tired and lackluster. Dealing with a tired, lackluster complexion? Awaken dull skin with the best products for glowing skin from Estée Lauder. Shop glow-enhancing, best-selling skincare with brightening, radiance-boosting ingredients. Revitalize your skin with formulas like treatment lotions, targeted serums like our #1 Advanced Night Repair Serum, and nourishing moisturizers formulated to help awaken the look of dull skin. Discover the Nutritious Skincare Peak-Performance Skincare Collection made with grumpy, dull and irritated skin in mind. Need help deciding what dull skincare routine is right for you? Use our Live Chat to get expert advice from an Estée Lauder Beauty Advisor. Or, book a free Virtual Consultation for one-on-one support.


What is dull skin?

Dull skin is skin that looks tired and lackluster. If you’re dealing with dull skin, you may notice uneven skin tone, a lack of radiance, dryness and a patchy, rough texture.

What causes dull, tired looking skin?

There are many causes of dull skin, including environmental stressors and dryness. It can even be caused by not having the right skincare products in your routine.

How can I improve my dull skin?

Adding the best products for glowing skin into your routine can revitalize your complexion from the outside. You’ll want to create a lineup of products for glowing skin, including a gentle cleanser, a nourishing treatment lotion, a radiance-boosting serum with brightening ingredients like Vitamin C, and moisturizer. Our new peak-performance Nutritious skincare line can help grumpy, dull skin thrive. These nutrient-rich formulas, including 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, Radiant Essence Lotion and Melting Soft Creme/Mask, re-balance, refresh and renew skin. Skin looks healthier. Feels blissful. Overflows with vitality.

What are the best Estée Lauder skincare products for dull skin?

Our Estée Lauder high-performance skincare can awaken dull skin with brightness and vitality. If you have dull skin, add the best products for glowing skin and products that hydrate and tone the skin to your daily routine. Start with a gentle cleanser like Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser. This formula cleanses and deeply purifies for healthier-looking, blissful-feeling skin.

Next, use a treatment lotion like Nutritious Radiant Essence Lotion for extra skin-loving benefits. This formula delivers a cushioning, hydrating infusion. Our best-selling Micro Essence Treatment Lotion With Bio-Ferment and Micro Essence Treatment Lotion With Sakura Ferment are also great treatment lotions for dull skin. They help to fortify, soothe and balance skin to help reveal its inner glow.

Keeping skin well-hydrated is also essential to fixing and managing dull skin. Use a formula like Revitalizing Supreme+ Bright Soft Creme daily. This rich multi-action creme helps firm, for a more lifted look and boosts much-needed radiance. Our Nutritious Melting Soft Creme/Mask is another option that calms, renews and strengthens skin with quenching, soothing hydration.

Skincare with brightening ingredients like vitamin C are essential for revitalizing lackluster skin. Try a serum like our Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment. Made with 98% naturally derived* Ferments plus Vitamin C, the ultra-lightweight and ultra-hydrating serum can help reveal the look of more even-toned, dewy, glowing skin. You’ll also love our #1 Advanced Night Repair Serum, which delivers the benefits of 7 serums in 1: line reduction, firmness, even tone, strengthening, hydration, radiance, and anti-oxidant protection.

*Per ISO Standard 16128. From plant sources, non-petroleum mineral sources, and/or water.