Toner & Treatment Lotion

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Wondering what does toner do for your face? And what exactly a treatment lotion is? While toner for face is used as an extension of your cleansing routine, gently removing any excess oil, dirt and impurities left behind, facial treatment lotion is sworn by in skincare for giving dry, dehydrated, dull-looking skin an extra boost of TLC.

You can use face toner and treatment lotion after cleansing and before serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Not sure which formula is right for you? Choose from one of our expert Estée Lauder toner and treatment lotion options for any skin type from normal to dry.



What is a face toner?

A face toner is a refreshing and hydrating liquid skincare product that acts as an extension to your cleansing routine.

What does face toner do for skin?

There are many benefits of toner for face. These liquid formulas can often help gently remove any excess oil, makeup or dirt that gets left behind after cleansing. They also contain soothing ingredients that help balance the skin and preserve its natural moisture.

How To Use Face Toner

Using toner is an easy addition to any skincare routine, morning and night. If you want to get the most of face toner benefits, apply your chosen formula to skin after cleansing. Make sure to follow usage instructions for your chosen formula - saturate a cotton pad and gently sweep it across your face or apply a few drops with clean fingertips.

What is a treatment lotion?

Treatment lotion, also known as an essence lotion, watery lotion, or skin softener in the world of skincare, is a liquid formula that gives skin extra TLC.

What does a treatment lotion do for skin?

Facial treatment lotions are often packed with soothing, revitalizing and hydrating ingredients that offer extra care benefits for your skin. They can provide an additional dose of hydration, enhance softness, help brighten and prime skin for the next steps of your skincare routine.

How To Use A Treatment Lotion

Wondering where treatment lotion fits into your routine? Similar to how to use face toner, treatment lotions should be applied to your face after cleansing. After cleansing, gently press a few drops of product into your face with clean fingertips or sweep on with a cotton pad. Allow the product to fully absorb before following with serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

What is the difference between a toner and treatment lotion?

While toner and treatment lotions are often used in the same step of your skincare routine (post-cleanser), the difference between the two is simple: Unlike toners, treatment lotions are not intended to remove residue,. They add hydrating, softening and other skincare benefits your skin may need more of.

Is it ok to use a toner or treatment lotion every day?

Both treatment lotions and toners can be used every day up to twice a day—but be sure to use one of these formulas in your routine at a time. Our toners and treatment lotion formulas are gentle enough for daily use. If your skin does become dry or irritated, however, try limiting use to once every other day.

How To Find The Best Treatment Lotion Or Toner For Your Skin

Whether you’re searching for the best toner for sensitive skin, the best toner for combination skin, or a watery lotion that’s proven to quench dry skin, we’ve got you covered. Once you identify your skin’s unique concerns and needs, you can find a perfect match with one of Estée Lauder’s expert formulas.

Searching for a hydrating treatment lotion? Our recently upgraded Soft Clean and Perfectly Clean Treatment Lotion formulas are formulated with Amino Acids and Water Lily Flower Extract to help attract and hold moisture in skin. Skin is left feeling renewed, soft, comfortable, luxuriously hydrated.