Bronze Goddess Flora VerdePalette for Eyes & Cheeks

A 9 shade eyeshadow and highlighter palette.

.33 oz.

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Lose yourself in the rhythm of paradise.

9 silky shadows to hypnotize, customize, dramatize your eyes.

Matte, demi matte and shimmer finishes, plus a shimmer shade that doubles as an overall highlighter.

The Flora Verde palette includes a mirror inside a limited-edition pearlized case. Highly-pigmented shades blend together seamlessly.

Glow like a goddess. Mind. Body. Sol.

Shades include:

1. Brazilian Coast (Matte finish; a soft cream)
2. Rio Sol (Shimmer finish; a warm gold tone)
3. Flora Verde (Shimmer finish; a golden olive)
4. Nightshade (Matte finish; a flawless flat black)
5. Passion (Shimmer & Overall Highlighter; a fiery copper-gold tone)
6. Samba (Shimmer finish; a fizzy Champagne)
7. Viva Pink (Demi Matte finish; a bright, deep pink)
8. Heat (Shimmer finish; a coppery sunset red)
9. Café Brazil Nut (Demi Matte finish; deep olive brown)