• Lady Beige

    “Inspired by my everyday style,
    it creates the look of naturally-
    polished lips—only better.”

  • Whisper

    “A delicate hint of color
    to softly enhance lips—the
    whisper of pink is the
    ultimate beauty secret to
    share with a friend.”

  • Perfect Nude

    “This was the first AERIN lip
    gloss shade, now in a lipstick
    of the same name. Originally
    inspired by a walk on the
    beach, this perfect nude works
    for everyone.”

  • Liebling

    “Inspired by my love
    of Austria, it dresses
    up both day and
    nighttime looks.”

  • Cabana

    “Like vacation in a lipstick,
    taking this versatile nude from
    day to night is a breeze.”

  • Wild Lilac

    “This rich plum is inspired by a
    beautiful arrangement of fresh
    cut lilacs.”

  • Coral Sand

    “Inspired by my grandmother,
    Estée — it’s a light-hearted
    coral with a sophisticated hint
    of beige.”

  • Poppy

    “Inspired by the flower, this
    raspberry shade is amped-up
    color that’s still easy to wear.”

  • Pretty

    “My favorite word.
    This ladylike pink
    enhances any
    daytime look.”

  • Geranium

    “Created in honor of my
    mother and her favorite
    flower, this graceful shade
    flatters any lip tone.”


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