May 19,

You might not give much thought to how you apply the products you’re using, beyond just slathering them on morning and night as directed. Here, skincare specialist Kristina Holey takes your everyday application routine to an all-new level with an exclusive facial massage technique designed to complement the benefits of the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth collection.

Step 1: Apply a serum

“Typically you want to move in an outward and upward motion. We want to move against gravity as much as possible. When you are applying the serum in the beginning, this is mainly to just spread the product evenly around the face in a manner that feels good. Facial massage is really about increasing the flow of blood to the face to encourage delivery of nutrients to the skin, the flow of lymphatic fluids, and to enhance skin’s ability to breathe and stimulate collagen.”

Step 2: Don’t neglect your neck

“I like to work small circles right at the hairline, where the base of the scalp meets the top of the neck. This spot is often tender and feels really good to work with gentle massaging motions. It can be really deeply relaxing, and it can also soften the connective tissue that runs all the way up to the forehead and above the eyebrows. People who tend to ‘scowl’ may be tender in this spot.”

Step 3: After applying moisturizer, focus on your forehead

“You have a lot of strong muscles that intersect right at the start of your eyebrows. The pinching motion relaxes these strong muscles and softens tension, making you feel more relaxed and stimulating the movement of fluids that can sit in the eye contour. It also stimulates circulation. From there, glide fingers in gentle strokes up the center of the forehead toward the crown of the head. This helps smooth the muscles and releases tension. 


Wrinkles typically run horizontal on the forehead, so working from left to right is another technique to soften the bigger muscles in front and release tension. We typically move these muscles in a vertical manner (hence the wrinkle lines), so massaging in opposing directions can strengthen the muscles and tone them in a way that can help smooth the lines.”

Step 4: Apply more moisturizer, concentrating on the lower half of the face

“Start by sweeping your hands from the center of your face out toward jawline. This targets the muscles on the sides of the nose and upper cheekbones, releasing muscle and sinus pressure and sending the fluids out toward the ears for drainage. Then, with your first two fingers, tap gently along the orbital bone, which encourages the pores and glands to open, stimulates circulation and encourages drainage. It also adds some color and glow to the skin. 


Next, press your first two fingers lengthwise underneath the cheekbone. This follows the line of the zygomaticus major muscle, which is strong and often tender to touch. Stimulating this muscle creates lift and contouring for the cheeks. You can use a bit of pressure here, and most likely it will feel a little tender, since you are stimulating and activating the muscle that runs under your cheekbone. 


Finally, pinch upward along the jawline. This is moving against gravity and is also a point of contouring. There are a few big muscles that lie along the jawbone, and the pinching movement can soften these muscles, move fluids and release tension.”

Step 5: Apply eye creme

“We carry a lot of tension around the eyes and overuse the muscles in this area throughout the day to squint, focus, etcetera. The skin is very thin here, so it’s important to use plenty of cream to soothe, increase circulation and stimulate the movement of fluids. After applying, massage from the inner corners of the eyes just below the brow, circling down to the orbital bone and then pushing inward toward the nose. You can really see a brightening of the eyes when you do this several times. It also diminishes puffiness and bags in the morning.”