March 23,
what is grumpy skin estee lauder

We all have bad days when we can use a little extra love. But did you know your skin can too? If your skin’s been irritable, dull or extra red, you may be experiencing the effects of what we call “grumpy” skin.

The good news? Like those bad days, grumpy skin doesn’t have to last forever. Discover more about grumpy skin, including what causes it and how to get your skin out of a funk with our newest skincare collection.

What Is Grumpy Skin?
Grumpy skin is essentially moody skin—and if your skin is moody, it can experience a variety of concerns. Grumpy skin can look and feel irritated, dull, tight, imbalanced and dehydrated. You may also notice more redness, excess oil and the appearance of larger pores.

How To Care For Grumpy Skin
Want to show your grumpy skin some love? You’ll need a combination of skincare products that can help visibly soothe, brighten, fight redness, and boost your skin’s radiance. Estée Lauder’s New Nutritious Collection is made with grumpy skin in mind. These nutrient-rich formulas, featuring naturally derived* ingredients like Sweet Kelp, Red Algae Ferment and Coconut Water Ferment, help grumpy skin flourish and flaunt its natural vibrancy. Pores look minimized. Skin looks healthier and feels blissful.

The Grumpy Skin Routine
Unburdening the look of grumpy skin is as simple as following this three-step Nutritious skincare routine. Start by cleansing your face with Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser AM and PM for fresh, balanced skin. After cleanser, saturate your skin with Nutritious Radiant Essence Lotion both AM and PM. This cushioning lotion formula provides nutrients to help awaken, balance and calm skin. Complete your routine by using the Nutritious Melting Soft Creme/Mask, which melts into skin to provide soothing hydration. You can also add Nutritious Melting Soft Creme/Mask to your routine once a week as a leave-on mask to refresh skin and add radiance.

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