February 26,
photo of estee lauder legacy collection fragrances

Legendary perfumer Frédéric Malle has reimagined five of Mrs. Estée Lauder’s most iconic fragrances for the modern woman—whoever she chooses to be. Read on to discover the fragrance from The Legacy Collection that tells your unique story.

I Am: An Escapist

Your Fragrance: AZURÉE LEGACY
The new Azurée Legacy is a portrait of strength and sensibility. Enjoy the Woody Aromatic notes of Cardamom and Clary Sage as they dance with notes of Sandalwood and Leather. 
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I Am: Liberated

White Linen Legacy is Mrs. Lauder’s vision of crisp simplicity and freedom. Experience notes of Rose, Musk and Amber as they create a beautiful contrast with powdery notes to create a new Floral Aldehydic fragrance. 
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I Am: Magnetic

Your Fragrance: KNOWING LEGACY
Mrs. Lauder created Knowing for the self-assured woman. This Fruity Chypre fragrance has now been reimagined as a love story between the aromas of Black Currant, Rose Damascena, Patchouli and Amber notes. 
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I Am: Sophisticated

Your Fragrance: ESTÉE  LEGACY
For the woman who makes champagne bubble. Mrs. Estée Lauder’s namesake fragrance is reimagined as a Floral Musky blend with notes of Carnation Accord, Ylang Ylang and Honey , balanced upon a bouquet of Jasmine and Rose.
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I Am: Refined

Mrs. Lauder’s exclusive private fragrance reemerges as modern art—contemporary and elegant. Enjoy this new Floral Green scent comprised of a unique accord of Tarragon, Basil and Galbanumas they juxtapose the notes of Sandalwood and Patchouli.
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