December 31,

“I’ve always loved London. My grandmother had a house there, and we always used to go for family trips. Estée was friends with Princess Diana and because Aramis was one of the first sponsors of Prince Charles polo team, she used to spend a few months there every year. She loved the city - the elegance, tea time, and the chocolate ice cream at Harry’s Bar!  I still enjoy walking in Hyde Park, going to the Tate Museum, shopping at Harrod’s or on Portobella Road —and staying at Claridge’s. It’s one of my favorite hotels in the world. It’s so traditional, but at the same time they have these wonderful portraits by the artist David Downton in the bar. It’s kind of like my personal style—timeless with a twist.  When we were launching our two new fragrances there in July, I had the honor of sitting for David. It took about 45 minutes—and I got a copy, too!”