May 14,

When we first sat down with Something Navy (yes, she has a real name, but after eight years of running her must-follow style blog, her handle has become iconic), we developed an instant girl crush. The style star we’d seen in so many street-side fashion poses was somehow also incredibly relatable and down to earth. We talked everything from family (she has a 15-month-old daughter, Ruby, who’s as fun to follow on Instagram as Arielle herself) to friendships (she sees herself as a girlfriend to her followers, many of whom feel like they’ve grown up with her) to, of course, fashion.

But when it comes to fashion, one often-overlooked feature is fragrance, and the final touch it can add to an outfit. Arielle confesses to never leaving home without it, citing AERIN Rose de Grasse as an all-time favorite. Now, having fallen in love with the latest AERIN offerings—the collection of Eau de Rose Colognes—Arielle shares how she incorporates scent into every aspect of her life.

Of the 3 AERIN Rose Colognes, do you have a favorite? If so, which one?

Garden Rose—I’m obsessed with it!

How do you incorporate fragrance into your routine?

I’ll do a quick spritz on my wrists before I leave for a meeting. For a date night or a night out with friends, I usually do a big spritz and walk into the mist. 

Do you have any tricks or secrets to applying your fragrance?

I love to do a spritz on the tips of my hair!

You recently moved to a new apartment. What are you most looking forward to when it comes to making it feel like home?

Everything about it has been so fun and watching it all come together has been exciting! Little things, like organizing the closets and picking out the perfect wallpaper, has already made it feel like home. I’m looking forward to Ruby growing up in the new place and eventually expanding our little family here. 

Many women consider their bathrooms to be their sacred “girly” space. What is your bathroom vibe like? Do you put any of your products on display?

I like to keep it minimal, but I love to put a few special pieces on display. I have this really beautiful crystal tray that I display my favorite perfumes on, along with a ring holder that I keep my wedding band and engagement ring on when I’m not wearing them.