March 8,
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This story is part of our Skin Longevity Series featuring industry experts, thought leaders, scientists and innovators who are changing how we think about aging.

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A passionate advocate for living a healthy, balanced life, Estée Lauder Global Brand Ambassador Carolyn Murphy is well-versed in the principles of longevity: mindfulness, movement, self-care and skincare.

We sat down with Murphy to chat about her love of health and wellness—and how the idea of “longevity” is at the forefront of her daily routine. Learn more about her everyday wellness rituals, how she manages stress and how a focus on longevity shapes her approach to beauty. 

You are an advocate for wellness and healthy living. When did this journey begin for you?

Carolyn: My advocacy for wellness and healthy living began in my early twenties. I started to suffer from anxiety due to all the traveling and shoots. I was exhausted. I consulted a nutritionist and therapists. I asked myself: what makes you feel good?

I turned to wellness, learned to take care of myself and developed self-love. It's a balancing act, but most importantly, it’s something that allows you to build self-confidence.

What does the idea of “longevity” mean for you?

Carolyn: The idea of longevity means living and maximizing my optimum levels of health from the inside out. My advice in living well at any age is to love yourself through self-care, be present and grateful, and choose a quality lifestyle that nurtures your whole being and makes you feel joyful.

carolyn murphy
How does thinking about longevity influence your approach to health and wellness?

Carolyn: With longevity in mind, it’s about creating a realistic routine that I can commit to and enjoy. That includes slow mornings without technology, journaling, meditating, yoga, exposure to sunlight, some form of movement, being in nature, lots of laughter and connection to friends. Those are all essential to me.

How does it influence your approach to beauty?

Carolyn: It’s about taking care of body, mind and spirit. Your inner reflects your outer. My Nana would always say “beauty is as beauty does,” so it’s important to be kind to others and yourself, laugh a lot and enjoy life.

Can you give us a peek into your everyday wellness routine?

Carolyn: Skincare for me is essential. It's not only part of my job, but I want to feel good as a woman and my skincare routine helps that. I'm so lucky and so fortunate to have the best products at my disposal.

I opt for more gentle cleansers like the Advanced Night Cleansing Balm.  I love layering serums and lotions. I think hydration and layering are key. Everybody knows that I'm a devout fan of Advanced Night Repair, and Re-Nutriv has been part of my skincare routine from before I even signed with Estée Lauder in my late twenties.

Lately, I’ve been using the new Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Creme. It’s so luxurious, and I can really see and feel the difference in my skin when I’m using it. It’s so much smoother and more radiant.

What self-care items do you always have on hand?

Carolyn: I have an arsenal of self-care items I keep on hand. My Re-Nutriv Facial Massager to break up any puffiness in my face, travel packets of electrolytes for hydration, green tea for a gentle pick-me-up, my journal and an app for breath work.

How do you manage stress?

Carolyn: Managing stress takes mindfulness and I think being aware is the first step. Using “tools" like yoga and stretching, journaling and breath work are simple steps you can use to calm the nervous system. I also avoid crutches like caffeine, sugar and alcohol if I’m super stressed and go for herbal teas. I enjoy 100 percent dark chocolate and bitters drinks to curb cravings.

With a busy schedule, what is your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Carolyn: Every day, I try to find a few minutes to exercise even if it’s just 10 minutes. Something to get my body moving, whether it’s stretching, going for a short walk or even just turning up the music and dancing. Also, being in nature is everything to me. Nature nurtures me.