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Why do you need a night skincare routine?

A dedicated evening routine is essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Skin’s renewal process, as well as its natural collagen production, peaks at night. Having high-performance skincare in your night skincare regimen can give skin what it needs to thrive throughout the rest of your day.

What serum do I use at night?

Advanced Night Repair Serum is our best serum for your nighttime skincare regimen. This innovative face serum is like beauty sleep in a bottle, igniting 7 nightly renewal actions to visibly reduce multiple signs of aging. Wake up with radiant, more hydrated skin in just one sleep.

What is the correct nighttime skincare routine order?

We recommend you start with an oil-based cleanser like Advanced Night Cleansing Balm to effortlessly remove makeup, dirt and other impurities. Follow with a treatment lotion like Micro Essence to fortify and soothe your skin. Next, apply Advanced Night Repair Serum, which helps reveal unfiltered radiance in just one sleep. Then, indulge in a nighttime moisturizer.

Don’t forget about eye care. Follow moisturizer with an eye cream like Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel-Creme for a brighter, more wide-awake look. The last step is an overnight treatment like Advanced Night Repair Overnight Treatment. This formula helps activate age recovery power, so you wake up looking radiant, recharged and energized.

How is the Estée Lauder night routine unique?

Our nighttime skincare routine formulas are developed by scientists and experts in night skin science to help support and optimize skin’s natural nighttime renewal. Discover more about our night science expertise and powerful technology and ingredients, backed by over 40 years of research.